Portfolio - Polymathic CMS & Platform

The Polymathic CMS & Lead System

The Polymathic CMS & Lead System is the foundation to all of our best website builds. This is our custom CMS & client management platform that allows us to roll out fast, secure, and easy to update websites.

We spent nearly 6 months engineering this system, and we continue to maintain it today.

Some of the features include:

  • Custom Content Models - allows client's websites to house Any kind of content that they need, without huge customization efforts.
  • Media Management system, tied into a secure CDN - so that clients can securely host their website images on a lightning fast CDN server.
  • Media Grouping and Searching
  • SEO Settings for every content piece
  • Global SEO settings for the entire website
  • An intuitive lead system to allow clients to collect leads, and a basic CRM to sort leads
  • Auto Responders for website forms
  • A billing portal to quickly and easily pay your website bills
  • Services: Engineering, Security, Web Development, Technical SEO

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