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Hi there. If you’re reading this page, you’re probably in hot pursuit of someone or something to take a good hard look at your tech stack, back-end website development, or even your Google Analytics account…

Or maybe you’re an agency, and you’re looking for a competent, honest partner to help you serve your clients to the fullest.

Technical Consulting is what you (or your clients) need if…

  • You want to be able to offer new services, including site speed audits, mobile optimization, and SEO consulting or tech consulting (* Inception womp * )
  • Your current tech setup/SNAFU has resulted in confusing, meaningless reports that don’t help guide business decisions. Or no reports at all…
  • You have a sneaking suspicion that the services you’ve engaged from other agencies or contractors aren’t quite what they should be
  • You’re planning a big migration and you know you need to know what you don’t know (you know?)
  • You just want an outside opinion on your website development issues, complete with a prioritized list of recommendations
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You don’t need to do it all — we can help

3 Steps to Streamlining Your Setup



The first thing we do is look at how your website and marketing tools are set up — from top-level navigation, page index, and Google Analytics all the way down to hosting configurations, CMS plugins, and other factors that can impact the health of your website & rankings




We’ll deliver a detailed report to you with prioritized recommendations. In addition, we’ll often connect our development expert directly with your dev team, so they can speak the same language (and you can skip a meeting).


Fix or Improve

Depending on your preference, we can either hand your dev team a blueprint, or go in and fix the identified problems ourselves. It’s your choice. We’re just happy to help.

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Shelby and the team at Polymath have been an intricate part in creating our web presence and marketing strategy online for multiple portfolio companies. My favorite part about working with Polymath is their ability to quickly scope projects, deliver on time, add valuable insight, and measure results. They have been a great asset to my different organizations.

Nick Slettengren

Get on-demand expertise in any or all of these areas

We call this the “buzzword section”. Look, Mom, we’re smart!

Github Version Control Shopify Web Development NodeJS Developer Ruby on Rails Development PHP Web Development Wordpress Website Development AWS Solutions Developer

From analysis to automation, we’ve got your back

There are a million different threads stretching between a website’s technical setup, and the ultimate success of its marketing efforts. Some of those ties are obvious: for instance, “create content, improve SEO”. But many more are invisible to the naked eye… so let’s dig out the microscope.

Because Polymath’s team includes 1) a seasoned developer and 2) a savvy marketer, we take a uniquely holistic approach to technical consulting.

Our consulting services often include site speed audits, mobile website optimization, development best practices audits, and tech stack audits. We also specialize in doing custom, deep-dive analyses — from your site’s foundational code all the way to its search marketing keywords.

You won’t get this kind of service from other agencies, simply because the traditional agency model is built on selling huge amounts of cookie-cutter deliverables. (And trust us, we have nothing against cookies.)

Once your technical audit is done, you’re very likely to hear us say:

“You (or your team) are probably doing WAY too many jobs that automation should do.”

Call us new-fashioned, but with software as advanced as it is these days, there’s no reason your team should be handling repetitive processes manually.


I think in this space, it’s really, really hard to trust people because there’s a lot of really ambiguous things that even very smart people don’t understand. It really takes an expert to understand, well, what is Google looking for? What are the things that you should consider, how should you be crafting the content? I really trusted Polymath to do that cause I couldn’t do it.

Nick Nowaczyk

Put your brand on our brains

We can support you (and make you look good to clients)

To our fellow consultants and agencies:

We know you do great work, and you care about delivering the best work possible. But it’s just not realistic to be an expert in EVERYTHING… so here are a few reasons to keep us on speed-dial:

  • You’ve recently signed a client whose development or tech needs outstrip your current capabilities
  • You want confirmation that you’re Doin’ It Right — From technical SEO audits & fixes to smart automation and site structure
  • Your developers need guidance — Sometimes it’s just easier and faster to talk dev-to-dev

Heck, you can even whitelabel our services so you look even more capable to your clients.

I’M AN AGENCY — LET’S CHAT We’ll bring the local IPA, you bring the snacks

A few tech problems we've recently solved for our partners....

PROBLEM: Website was responding slowly, but there was no glaring issues on the front end
SOLUTION: We used our backend engineering skills, and identified a number of issues on the server that we were able to resolve

PROBLEM: Contact lead forms not forwarding into the CMS (not to mention that the forms were buried deep in the site, and responses were generated as giant, unreadable text blobs)
SOLUTION: We went through and added buttons and forms where appropriate, parsed the incoming data, then connected lead gen forms to Pardot through their API for easy management.

PROBLEM: It became clear that a client’s other vendor was charging unreasonably and delivering subpar work.
SOLUTION: We ever-so-delicately pointed out what seemed to be going on and left the decision in the client’s hands.

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